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This Christian/Jewish/Muslim-oriented Web-based or other entity, business, restaurant, prepay gas-n-groceries store, hardware store, worship center, realty, motel, bank, etc.
- under present DOMA federal law - legally reserves the right to prohibit entrance by, and/or employment and/or affiliated association with, the following persons:

(1) Homosexual couples claiming to be "married" who have acquired State Sodomy-Union Licenses or Biblically-defined equivalents.

(2) Female humans publicly exposing loose long hair (longer than mouth-level), sleevesless naked arms, slacksless nude legs, and/or socksless bare feet in noisy/attention-getting flip-flop sandals.

(3) Anyone who smokes and/or publicly exposes any non-earring body piercings and/or visible tattoos.

(4) Any male publicly wearing a ring or rings in either or both of their earlobes and/or utters profanity.

(5) Any adult human not carrying a concealed weapon, and a KJV plus RSV Bible.

Into your home, would you casually invite a filthy-language, Christianity-reviling, Bible-ridiculing, raging murderous sniper or homopervert child rapist? Knowing full well his previous reputation, and being thoroughly warned of his past record by others, would you even let him in the door? If you politely opened the door and he forcefully pushed his way into your house and started smashing things and bashing people inside your residence, would you not promptly phone 911 in a desperate plea for law-enforcement assistance on the double and urgent request for police to parade the bastard or bitch off your premises, pronto...followed up by a civil or criminal charge of at least hate-crime harassment and public-nuisance or disorderly-conduct trespassing?


The intrusive scenario mentioned above is basically what the naive and gullible do when switching on live airwave-broadcast or cable TV....or scan a typical [secular] newspaper or magazine!

It took this webpage author years to come to the concrete conclusion that it is impossible to successfully play cat-&-mouse avoidance with any form of TV-screen on-the-spot editing....whether partially-blocking the screen with paper covering the sight of the bottom 3/4 of the screen or raised legs doing the same while lying on the back or after-the-fact attempts to change channels soon enough with a remote control.

TV is great for pre-screened pre-edited video tapes or already-carefully-seen DVDs. Non-wanted material, in that case, has either been omitted, erased, or at least one is prepared to not view the non-desirable parts (if one remembers where they all are in media not censored by omission or erasure).

Otherwise, the TV should be turned off and kept off to avoid the relentless onslaught of partially-nude (i.e. partially-pornographic) female humans in TV programming (especially during non-predictable commercials), or other pro-homosexual, anti-Israel, pro-antisemitic-arab, pro-evolution, pro-abortion-choice, pro-feminist-sexist, pro-atheist, anti-Republican horsefeces!

No human being alive is any match for instantaneous video switching from decent programming on TV to in-decent garbage...like suddenly-appearing non-asked-for/non-solicited semi-nude commercials or other similarly lewd programming.

Sacred "ignorance" (away from the "depths of Satan" referred to in Revelation 2:24) is - indeed - holy bliss, allowing a refreshing and productive relaxation and absence of defiling stress...bypassing confusion, irritability, impatience, terroristic fear and apprehension, suspicion, exaggeration making mountains out of molehills and molehills out of mountains with half-lie (not half-"truth") news reporting (or better yet: mis-reporting).

As the Apostle Paul reminds us: "Bad company ruins good morals," so "do not associate with them" but instead "avoid them" and "leave the presence of a fool" with properly-discriminatory and discerning discretion -- not descending to the lurid "cultural awareness of diversity and self-expression" traditions and false customs of perverted men and perverted women who are experts in polluting the pure with putrid poison to innocent eyes and minds [and study I Corinthians 5:5,9-12, II Corinthians 6:14-18, Galatians 5 & 6, Ephesians 4:11-5:16, Colossians 2:4-10, etc.]

If there is something which the Lord Jesus Christ wants us to find out and know, HE will use sources, mediators, trustworthy informants, and acceptable media formats and techniques of HIS choosing....without us - in self-appointed gullibility, ignorance, or carelessness....bypassing His ways and means, thus preventing ourselves from being decimated and defiled by the devil's terroristic sudden-attack media pollution.

IF some divisive talebearers happen to mention us personally in some of their libelous media reports or exposees, the LORD will let us know what we should and should not do about it...so we personally don't have to be waste time searching for what they said and worrying - enslaved to watching Satan's media constantly because of us wondering what lies they are now spewing out to the general public about us or our respectable friends.

The best way to test out what is happening of "importance" in the world news (as the godly determine what that is!) is to briefly hear the headlines now and then on the radio [without watching pertinent or impertinent porn pictures accompanying such on TV]. Once we have gotten the opening sentence of the radio news report and discover that WW III has not started, gravity still works, and the sun will rise tomorrow, we can switch frequencies to wordless or Christian-lyric music or something less inflammatory or divisive on another channel which is relaxing and non-polluting -- away from the disruptive blabber of feminist-sexist anchoresses, reporteresses, and male morality-despisers. Remember, it will be next to impossible to find one decent fillet of value within a barrel full of rotten stinking fish, or to find one pearl or diamond while rummaging through the putrid diarrhea. There really is no need to constantly immerse ourselves in feminist-newscaster vomit.

Besides the licentiously impure partly-porno pictures popping up of filthy indiscriminate airwave-broadcast TV programming, the second worst phenomena of much broadcast-band TV assaulting our eyes and minds is the noise of noxious, sexually-harassing, feminist twits - arrogantly flapping their jaws in obvious power-obsessed audible/verbal competition against men. Such SO-CALLED "equal rights" craziness and absurdity causes extensive and far-reaching indescribably-massive confusion, impatience, irritation and worse having a plethora of even lethal consequences eventually. No wonder selective internet news is getting so popular - where the sane and sensible can bypass such damnable tripe!

Watch out for live TV programmig!

More non-predictably-occurring anti-marriage, loose-long-haired/sleevelessness/legs-and-feet-baring porno indecency, feminist-sexist belligerence, effeminate and pseudo-"gay" homosexual brainwashing and pro-abortion-choice propaganda, heretical evolution mythology, silly worthless levity and foolish joking, demeaning loveless sarcasm and reviling blasphemy.....are displayed openly on the TV screen and secular newsprint (let alone the internet and books)......than from most other sources of deceptive delusion. The combination of visual moving images along with corresponding live audio sounds make it all extremely persuasive and mind-altering.

Speaking of non-justifiable exhibition of particularly female-human nudity (i.e. pornography), it is normal, natural, and expected for most men and women to want and need to see and touch each other's total nakedness at appropriate times in appropriate locations under appropriate [private] circumstances. That is why getting and staying married (with a healthy, innovative, and even artistic private sexual relationship during marriage) is vital.....and such satisfying and fulfilling marriage is the chief mortal enemy against pornography and lustful diversions....and why NIV's anti-marriage mis-translation of I Corinthians 7:1 is so diabolically destructive and socially harmful -- substituting touchy-feely massage and even harlotrous prostitution of all paid and non-paid types by stating that "it is good for a man to not marry!" And this within a compromise-for-money prostitution-accommodating, divorce-causing, massage-and-fornication-facilitating "bible" which fraudulently and dishonestly purports to be a "Holy Bible."

This webpage author has often wondered what the best way was to restrict, modify, control, expose, and edit out the previously-mentioned manure imposed (NOT "offered") upon victims when watching live-network TV (as contrasted and opposed to viewing pre-or-self-edited videocassettes).

Instantaneous video switching from the TV station by broadcasting benign material, then suddenly without warning switching to something non-deniably pornographic and defiling makes it virtually impossible to turn away in time.

Would YOU invite the indecently-clad crude-and-lewd jerks and jerkasses you see on TV - even momentarily - into your home, den, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, church lounge, etc. to rant and carry on obscenely and bother you intensely and incessantly....in person? Would you appreciate the intruson and extreme annoyance of drinking hit-and-miss amounts of someone else's AIDS-infected semen, urine, or vomit with your lemonade or beer? That is basically what occurs when one switches onto live non-censored TV and sits or lays....zombie-like......in front of the TV -- mindlessly absorbing all the airwave or cable-broadcast filth on non-videocassette television!

It is no virtue whatsoever to be non-Scripturally "non-discriminatory," but it does instead contribute vast amounts of time and energy and more into the dirty lucrative offering plates of "civil"/"human"-rites legalists (and their "civil" "law" which is not civil and not worthy to be called "law"). All who support and demand such are themselves the worst discriminators: injustly and hypocritically discriminating against the obedient who rightly and properly discriminate with holy and righteous (not "self"-righteous) discretion according to the LORD's (and the Bible's) desire to love the good and hate the evil (human and otherwise).

If something is so non-relentingly perverse over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, and one cannot do anything to eliminate the source so as to stop sinking deep and deeper into the muck: avoid it entirely! Turn the TV off and keep it off! Do something else which is useful, constructive, and profitable!

There is no obligation nor requirement to "once-in-a-while" "test" it out - even briefly - to see if things have improved, are the same, or have gotten worse. If there is any change for the better, the Holy Spirit will let one know in ways other than self-appointed purveying (with demonic curiosity) so that one is free from being hogtied to repeatedly and deliberately digging their own nose into accursedly-despicable dung.

Porn in Sandals